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Family Law

Child Custody and Visitation

Most parents going through a separation agree that their children’s best interests are their primary concern. They want to make sure their kids have happy, stable homes while maintaining a positive relationship with both parents. The problem is that in many cases the parents disagree about what is best. Most of the time, both parents are good people, making good decisions but disagree on what is best for the children. Other times, there is one parent that is simply in the wrong and a strong family law attorney is needed to advocate for what is best.

Having a family law attorney that is not emotionally involved in your case can be critical in determining which approach is best. If you need help with your custody case in San Joaquin County then attorney Jacob Benguerel is the strong, experienced attorney that you need.

family holding hands with their child
father holding his child's hands

Child Support

Other than custody issues, nothing can create more stress when parents separate like support issues. Whether you are dealing with child support or spousal support, it is critical that you get an order that is accurate. Although the guideline support calculation is intended to be “plug and play”…IT IS NOT. Support orders can fluctuate dramatically by changing one or two settings on the support calculators. Judges and attorneys may intentionally impute income that you never received and will never receive in the future. The opposing party may claim that they have a higher percentage of custody or that they have sole physical custody.

Similarly, your year-to-date income is often inaccurate but that is the most frequently used method of calculating income. These are issues that pro per clients generally miss at the hearing. In addition, they may not understand the basis for imputation of income or the arguments against it. It is highly recommended that you hire an experienced support lawyer to help you in your family law matter. 

Let us advocate for your child and spousal support needs. Let us ensure that your support calculations are correct and have been maximized.

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