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"Do you recall your backup officer telling you that he has been trying to ‘pin drugs’ on Ms. Binda for the last year?"

– Jacob Benguerel

Advocating for your defense

We represent clients in various cases that require a strong criminal defense attorney, including drug crimes, theft crimes, assault, battery, domestic violence, driving under the influence, gun possession, probation violations, and many others.

Regardless of guilt or innocence, Attorney Jacob Benguerel utilizes his experience to ensure that the police followed the proper policies and procedures and that the client’s rights are protected. He will advocate for the best possible results, without judgment, from the plea negotiation phase through trial. Attorney Benguerel enjoys reaching favorable results for clients but enjoys a good trial even more. Let us advocate for you!

Drug Offenses

We represent clients that have been charged with drug possession, manufacturing or transportation and need a drug crime attorney in Stockton or Modesto. We can help you too!

Theft Crimes

If you have been charged with burglary, robbery, or petty theft, we can protect your rights, negotiate a plea bargain and present a defense at trial.

Assault Offenses

We can help you with your assault, battery, or domestic violence defense and objection to a criminal protective order. We can even help you fight a temporary restraining order in the family or civil court.


We can help determine whether the breathalyzer and blood test results are admissible in your DUI case as well as attack the procedures used to obtain the results. Whether it be a wet and reckless or a 4th time DUI, we can help!

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